Kokang to celebrate mutiny anniversary Kokang Army Kokang to celebrate mutiny anniversary Many ceasefire leaders are on their way to Kokang, Shan State North, to join the celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of the overthrow of Communist leadership there in 1989, 翻譯社 according to sources in Shan State South. By SHAN9 March 2009 The festivities will begin on 10 March. The anniversary is on 12 March, two days later. No further details have been provided. The celebrations come a 裝潢mid pressure by Naypyitaw on ceasefire armies to surrender and set up political parties to contest the general elections being planned next year. Its closest ally the United Wa State Army (UWSA) especially has been placed under a 房地產 state of siege by cordons of Burma Army units since January. “Compared to the Wa and Mongla (officially National Democratic Alliance Army-Eastern Shan State), the Kokang are in a shaky position,” said a ceasefire officer. “The former 房地產 have Burma Army units only outside their territory but they (Kokang) have one whole ROC inside theirs.” Last ruling prince of Kokang Sao Edward Yang Kyein Tsai and Kokang leader Peng JiashengThe Burma Army has established a Regional Operations Command ( 買房子ROC) with 7 infantry battalions to police the territory:Infantry Battalion 125 KongjangInfantry Battalion 127 KunlongInfantry Battalion 128 PasingjawInfantry Battalion 燒烤 129 ChinshwehawInfantry Battalion 239 LaogaiLight Infantry Battalion 312 KunlongLight Infantry Battalion 322 Laogai Most of the strategic positions have also been taken by the junta units, he added. “T 21世紀房屋仲介he Wa and Mongla may be able to put up a good and prolonged fight in their home territories, but it will be too risky for them to come to the rescue of Kokang.” Kokang, Wa, Mongla and New Democratic Army-Kachin (NDAK) are members of Peace and Democracy Front (PDF), formed on 30 November 1989. 開幕活動The Kokang mutiny triggered a series of rebellion that finally overthrew the leadership of the Beijing-backed Communist Party of Burma (CPB). All the mutineers later concluded ceasefire agreements with Burma’s ruling military council. Kokang, an ethnically Chinese area, was a princedom of its own until 1959 when t 燒烤raditional power was transferred to the Shan State Government. The new constitution adopted last year designated 5 Self-Administered Areas in Shan State and one of them is Kokang with two townships: Laogai and Kongjang. Others are Danu, Palaung, PaO and Wa. http://www.shanland.org/politics/2009/kokang-to-celebrate-mutiny-anniversary 烤肉食材  .
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